Lazy Afternoon CD

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Lazy Afternoons debut album ”Whatever” (2016) on CD

  1. Searching for gold
  2. Any Road
  3. Shelter me
  4. Before you fall asleep
  5. As time is passing by
  6. Here we go again
  7. I am lost
  8. The road
  9. Goodbye
  10. Passed away
  11. South is my goal
  12. Sunday afternoon
  13. Farewell

Lazy Afternoon is Bo Ahlbertz (guitar, bouzouki, autoharp, lead vocal), Jörgen Ahlqvist (melodeon, accordeon), André Kristiansson (electric guitars), Stefan Magnusson (bass, percussions, harmony vocals), Pontus Nordborg (electric guitars), Mattias Svensson (drums)

Frontpicture: Ojet Ringbom, Artcover: Ancha Ahlbertz
Recorded, mixed and mastered in Musikstudion Måsen by Anders Nordh
Produced by Bo Ahlbertz & Anders Nordh


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